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Special variety and industry-encompassing innovation performance: We have been characterised by this for more than 90 years: We create ideas.
And with our outstanding experience and special know-how, we are always one idea ahead for the benefit of our customers.

Fritz Kramer establishes the “Fritz Kramer Isolierungen” (Fritz Kramer Insulation) company in Grenzach. The insulation industry is one of the up-and-coming industries, since processes in the chemical industry require an increasing amount of reliability as far as temperatures are concerned.


Realisation of the idea of providing turnkey cold rooms and moving the company headquarters to Rheinfelden.


Establishment of Freiburg branch. Increasing demand requires more room, and 5 years later this led to the move to a new building in the northern industrial area.


Company headquarters moved to Freiburg. The Rheinfelden location becomes a branch office and the “child” therefore becomes the “parent”.
Start of manufacturing of cold room doors, and production subsequently expanded to sales counters and entire shop and restaurant furnishing in the 1960’s.


Major order from a Scottish natural gas refinery with the most comprehensive volume in the company’s history.


KRAMER GmbH has three branches and several sales office in Germany.


Purchase of forward-looking building complex with state-of-the-art production on a significantly bigger plot in Umkirch near Freiburg.


The cold room construction area receives the biggest order in the company’s history so far from one of Europe’s leading discounters. This results in a new branch in Málaga  (Spain) and the commencement of planning of other branches in France and the Czech Republic.


Expansion of production facility at headquarters in Umkirch.


Foundation of a new branch in Orléans (France).


KRAMER celebrates 90 years in business.