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Cold room construction

Keeping valuables fresh.

KRAMER cold room construction provides customers from research, industry, logistics and the retail and wholesale industry with sophisticated construction technology consisting of cold rooms and walk-in freezers of any size and type for a wide variety of commercial requirements.

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The cold room construction division of KRAMER GmbH has collaborated with its partner Cold Clad Ltd. and established a company for providing integrated solutions for cold-storage warehouses, refrigeration and deep freeze logistical centres, production facilities in the food industry and clean rooms for the British market.

This collaboration unites one of Europe’s biggest cold room construction companies and one of Britain’s leading complete providers for project design and building systems. The two companies have a total of more than 130 years of experience. This combination of technical know-how and in-depth market knowledge makes KCC an ideal partner for the planning, procurement, delivery and construction of projects that require the use of insulating panels – of any size.