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Insulation technology

Protects resources

The idea of perfect insulation came up within our company almost 90 years ago – and we have been looking after it ever since. We see the success of our idea every day, and it is also long-lasting. Our wide range of systems with the high quality standard in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SCC**:2011 is used in all cases involving extreme conditions: drastic temperature differences, extremely loud sound levels or the increased risk of fire.

We are convinced that a lasting basis for the positive development of our company can only be created by means of continuous quality improvement – together with our customers, suppliers and everyone involved in the process.

We want to understand exactly what the expectations and requirements of our customers are, and fulfil all of the promises that we give in their entirety. In order to live up to this, we call upon our employees to make continuous improvements to their performance.

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